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We sell bamboo plants, bamboo poles and bamboo splits. Contact now!

Try us for a quote and we can match the right bamboo for your project.

BAMBOO PLANTS – we have a variety of species of this attractive looking “grass” available directly from our bamboo nursery in Tulum.

BAMBOO POLES – you can buy these natural tan bamboo poles in different lengths, diameters and strength qualities to fit your project accordingly.


SPLIT BAMBOO – is a bamboo pole split down the middle. These are often used for fences, wall decor, furniture, flooring and more.

Some proper uses of bamboo:


Columns, walls, ceilings, floors and more.




Landscaping patterns, edging, privacy fencing, decks, pool and pond surroundings.


Rugs, mats, furniture, room dividers, screens, railings, doors.

Triboo, Bamboo & Shades Architecture, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico, 2016